MacArthur Harp or Zither-Harp

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The MacArthur or zither-harp dates back approximately to the late eighteen hundreds and the early nineteen hundreds. The zither-harp has a lovely, quiet sweet sound which originates from its eleven melody strings and twelve chord strings. The standard tuning combines to make three cords: C, F and G7.

The standard version of the MacArthur Harp is tuned to the key of C. A version for tuning in the key of D is also available. Custom key configuration is possible upon request.

The woods used for the construction of this model are cherry for the frame and black walnut for the top and back. Custom woods for the top and back can be selected to attain different sound characteristics.

Instrument dimensions are – height: 20 inches, width: 11 inches, and depth: 3½ inches.

This instrument will not succumb to the stress of its design.

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Black walnut top and back, Cherry frame, Standard tunings: C or D, Custom tunings available.

» Standard harp $1200
» Standard soft shell cases are available, please call for details.  
» A pickup can be added.

Call for custom instrument or professional case pricing.
All prices are post paid.
Vermont residents add 6% sales tax.
Prices subject to change without notice.
Please contact me or call 802-767-3790 if you have any questions.