Energy Exchange

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While living in a culture that is based on seeking the lowest possible price, I've come to the conclusion that we are doing ourselves a disservice. By going for the lowest price we don't value the maker of the product or service we are using and, by extension, we don't value ourselves.

Energy exchange is not a concept we have in our culture. There are other cultures that understand it. The idea of energy exchange is that there must be a balance on both sides of the exchange. If the item/service is important in your life, then what you give in exchange for it has to match that value.

The energy we put out (in our culture, it is what we pay for an item or service) is returned to us handsomely when we use the concept of energy exchange wisely and in ways that go beyond the usual purpose of the item or service we have bought. The same principle of exchange holds true in relationships.

I have noticed a remarkable change in myself when I’ve purchased services or products and paid “full value.” When something is important in my life, and the persons providing it are getting an equal exchange (money) in return, there is a particular satisfaction in knowing that we are being equally enriched by the transaction. The lesson for me has been that in honoring the energy exchange, I have honored myself, and that has spread into all areas of my life. It has changed how I walk in this world and how I feel about myself in a fundamental way.