The Courting Dulcimer

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The courting dulcimer celebrates relationships and music – two instruments in one.

It has been carefully crafted to have a rich sound allowing two voices to join in harmony and counter melody to delight the ear. A custom inscription can be added to celebrate your relationship.

The dulcimer pictured has a cedar top with cherry necks, peg heads, back and a custom inscription. The necks on the instrument are a traditional with a width of 1¼ inch.

The courting dulcimer can be customized with different wood combinations and wide neck. If the instrument is to be shipped, part of the packaging will include a custom case.

The courting dulcimer is only available as a custom order. Please contact me either by phone, (802) 767-3790, or email, to discuss your custom wood selections. The price of the instrument will be calculated on your selections.