The W Series

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I designed this instrument for Richard Scholtz to meet his playing style and sound requirements. It's shape allows it to be played as guitar or "West Coast" style up on it's side. It produces a very good sound strung with six or four strings. The instrument pictured has a cedar top and cherry back.

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Cedar top & cherry back, six strings or four strings, high quality geared tuning pegs, and fret position markers.

» W-1, Standard $ 1320

» W-2, 4 String $ 1635

» W-3, Electrified $ 1320

» Cases $ 300

All electrified models have a built-in pre-amplifier for a strong output signal and require a 9-volt battery. A passive pickup without battery is available.

Call for custom instrument or professional case pricing.
All prices are post paid.
Vermont residents add 6% sales tax.
Prices subject to change without notice.
Please contact me or call 802-767-3790 if you have any questions.