The S Series

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The S model comes in two standard versions.
The S-1 with a cedar top and black walnut back, and the notes standing out clearly on their own.
The S-2 with black walnut top and back, and a clear tone that can be played hard and still remain clear.

Full View S1 | Full View S2 | Peg Head | Side View


S-1 Model (cedar top, black walnut back):
» Cedar top and black walnut back
» Geared tuning pegs
» 6½ fret
» Cedar/black walnut $786

S-2 Model (black walnut top and back):
» Black walnut top and back
» Geared tuning pegs
» 6½ fret
» Black walnut $786

» Cases $ 300

Call for custom instrument or professional case pricing.

All prices are post paid.
Vermont residents add 6% sales tax.
Prices subject to change without notice.
Please contact me or call 802-767-3790 if you have any questions.