The A Series

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This instrument represents the evolution of the first dulcimers I built in 1968. Over the years it developed a hollowed out neck, interior bracing and a deep strum hollow. It's design has matured much like a good wine, producing a highly responsive instrument that has a wide sound range. The peg head is hand chiseled. The solid sides are steam bent.

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The A Series features Cedar top & book-matched black walnut back, Carved scroll, High quality geared tuning pegs, a 6½ fret, and Fret position markers.

» A-1, Standard $1266

» A-2, Electrified $ 1581

» A-3, Traditional $ 1266

» Cases $ 300

All electrified models have a built-in pre-amplifier for a strong output signal and require a 9-volt battery. A passive pickup without battery is available.

Call for custom instrument or professional case pricing.
All prices are post paid.
Vermont residents add 6% sales tax.
Prices subject to change without notice.
Please contact me or call 802-767-3790 if you have any questions.